The most common mistakes in college essays

Students write thousands of different essays in college – personal essays, argumentative essays, interview essays, as well as application essays and etcetera. Essay topics can be very different, from historical to political, from sociology to personal experience. Thereby, there are plenty different essays with their own style, rules and requirements. However, there are several mistakes that are common for all kinds of essays. Here you can read about the most common mistakes in essays and learn how to avoid them:

    • The lack of evidence. Writer is like a lawyer, who cannot come to court with an empty briefcase. He have to find some evidence to his arguments, otherwise they will be naked and useless. If you are not sure that you can find a good quotation for some of your arguments – skip it. Pick quotations very carefully and make sure that they will demonstrate the point, which you are going to prove. Besides, don’t use quotations as standalone sentences. Quotations should be introduced properly and connected to the context;

    • Grammatical mistakes. Yeah, this is a very common reason for a bad mark. Be very careful with apostrophes, because grammar checking system in Word or other applications doesn’t always identify their incorrect use;

    • Blind use of the passive voice. Be very careful with a passive voice. In some kinds of writing it is widely used; however, when you want to show the responsibility of the subject, it is better to use an active voice;

    • Copying the introduction to the conclusion. First, it is better to write the introduction and the conclusion after the body paragraphs. Secondly, the introduction and the conclusion carry different tasks in themselves. Introduction is like a map of all paper, it is aimed to give an idea of the whole writing and to interest the reader. Meanwhile, the conclusion is aimed to summarize all facts and statements from the assignments and to give something more to reader to think about later (writers call this a clincher) ;

    • Plagiarism or incorrect citing. If you want to use someone’s writing, you have to make quotations and show the source;

    • Typos. Usually we can rely on the computer with these kinds of mistakes – it can fix them. However, just in case, check them again when your text will be done;

    • Lack of structure. All essays, like everything else, need some structure. The basic structure for every essay includes the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Some of essays will have more complicated structure. Besides, you can develop your own structure for some kinds of essays. If its effective – use it without any doubts;

    • No thesis statement. Good introduction should have it. The thesis statement is the whole idea of questions that author is going to touch in the paper. Avoid the strait explanation of your goal in the introduction, thesis statement will be enough.

Use these tips to improve your essay writing – mistakes can kill even the best essay topics. Don’t forget to make a good conclusion for your essay. You don’t need the best essay service for that, just summarize what have been already told in your essay.