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Visit Site Review by Brittney Griffin

July 17, 2014

During writing my PhD Dissertation I had certain difficulties since I was a student at student exchange and my English language was not perfect. My Dissertation was related to the influence of probiotic culture of improvement of human gut microflora and prevention of cancer formation.

I was more than excited after I finished my experimental work and after making conclusions. I had worked on this project for more than 3 years, so it was very important for me to develop it to be perfect.

Due to above mentioned reasons, I decided to find a professional editor to improve the quality of my work and to make my PhD perfect. After searching on-line for it, I found which had very good reviews and whose testimonials and samples were great.

I placed an order via online application and I choose the premium quality. This activity was not very cheap and I payed this service $379 for 220 pages with a 14 day deadline. This company was very client-oriented and they gave the best of themselves to be very professional, and to provide highly quality service.

Their prices are in correlation with the requested quality of the work. They have three quality levels – proofreading, standard, and premium and each one has its own price list. I chose Premium quality level and due to that I expected very high quality level.

I was assigned an editor who had a very strong background since he has been working in this position for more than 5 years. He was very professional, and he sent me information about the progress of my project regularly. He asked all questions, but unfortunately he did not respect set deadline.

After 15 days I did not get edited papers, and due to that I decide to contact client support. They did not give me a clear answer about the expected deadline. In the meantime editor stopped answering my questions, and I could not do anything apart from waiting.

After 1 month (at their web site it was written that the deadline for finishing editing is 14 days) I gained my PhD dissertation with all changes. When I compared their work with the work of other editors, I concluded that it has average quality.

This is a very good editing company, but since it has problems with set deadlines, I would not recommend it to clients with urgent orders (such was mine). If you have several weeks to wait for paper, that this service is acceptable for you. Additionally, this company has pretty high rates and clients cannot place order according to the number of pages they have at that moment.

Freelance writer, student and essay writing services' expert.

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