Essay writing deadlines – how to manage with them in smart way

I hate deadlines, especially when it comes to essay writing. However, I cannot imagine an effective work without deadlines at all. Moreover, when I don’t have strict deadlines for some job, I make my own deadlines to organize myself. Deadline is something more than just a mark in a calendar. Every deadline can be described as three things: a time-limit, a part of a goal and a tool to organize people.

A mark in a calendar reflects deadline as a time-limit, while other aspects are usually unheeded. Every deadline is a part of a goal, because we need to do our job in time to get paid. So, when our goal is to get paid (or get a good grade), to meet deadline is a part of our goal. Not so many people think of deadlines as a tool for self-organization. Meanwhile it is very effective.

Useful tips to manage deadlines:

    • Put every deadline in your calendar and day planner right after you get it. Sometimes it is a good idea to use your own deadlines – it helps to better organize yourself. For example, I make my own deadline two-three days earlier to have some extra time to finish tasks, just in case;

    • Break down your big tasks into smaller. It is more useful for planning – you can connect every part of the task with your own micro deadlines. Besides, it is psychologically easier to start working on smaller tasks;

    • Don’t overload and overreach yourself. Sometimes it is better to skip some unimportant aspects of the tasks to meet deadlines. Close finals is not the right time for perfection, so when it is no time for best essay writing, just do something that you can do to steel get some normal mark;

    • Identify and eliminate all distraction. For example, you can without harm exit from your social networks pages for the working time. If it will help you to finish your essay faster – turn off your phone. Learn how to say “no” to people – sometimes it is necessary to stay focused. By the way, there is a nice application for browser – Stay Focused, which will block all entertainment aspects to help you finish your task quicker;

    • Pay some attention to your lifestyle. To keep yourself productive, you have to take regular breaks, get enough sleep and eat healthy food. Also, as the last studies show, sport helps a lot to keep brains productive;

    • Use special applications to help yourself in writing. If there are some serious obstacles to meet deadlines, you can always use essay services. Different platforms propose different options. Most of them will help you to professionally rewrite your essay, to write an essay according to you ideas or to write a totally new paper.

Thereby, deadlines can be not so scary if we use them as our allies, not enemies. So, break down your task into smaller parts, plan your assignment and start writing.