Easy steps towards fast and efficient writing

You may have noticed that texts are everywhere – on ads, on TV shows, on your favorite website, on news, on movies, on blogs, on songs, and so on. Nothing can function without a piece of text. As a consequence, the ones creating it are most wanted! So this article is dedicated to blog authors, content creators, essay writers and writers in general.

Creative writing is time and energy consuming. So now, in this industry, the biggest question is – how to create a large amount of text in the shortest period of time possible? We will try to solve this enigma by offering you some inspirational indications.

Avoid blank pages

For a writer, nothing is scarier than an empty sheet of paper. This one makes his brain have opposite thoughts – I can write about anything, but what should I write about? What first word is good enough to spoil this perfect white and clear paper? Wouldn’t it be better to leave it like this – blank?

As for when the page already contains some text, things are way simpler – Look, here is a sheet of paper great for writing. As a proof, I have already used it before for noting down something.

Draw some parameters

It is obvious that chaos doesn’t make us more efficient. Thus, we must create a personal recipe for writing a text – every famous writer has one! Draw a plan according to your writing style and texts’ nature. Decide how to start, how to develop the text and how to end it. Once you have figured out all these technical aspects, you can focus on what is really important – the content.

Next, we will be talking about the essential parts of an article.


The headline is as important as the entire article. In fact, a bad headline will let your text go unnoticed! This is why, this one is supposed to contain some essential SEO words. Thus, it will appear on top of searches and it will bring you lots of readers.

If you start the writing process with the headline, then you will know for sure that the essays are supposed to develop that particular theme and subject.

During the entire essay writing process, keep the headline in front of you and make sure that every sentence is relevant and useful. Don’t get lost in details – just stick to the subject and offer interesting pieces of content.

How to create a good headline

First of all, the headline has to grab the readers’ attention. So you must use unique words and expressions meant to make them curious about the article. Avoid general and trivial wordings – people are tired of them!

Then, make sure that the headline transmits the essential aspect of the text. You want to write about new trends in fashion? Then that’s what the headline should talk about.

Anyway, if you still have problems creating an efficient headline, ask the help of some article services. They will find the best solution for you!

Eventually, find a great idea to write about. Here is a plan – see which posts have the largest number of views. What are they about and what kind of articles are they? Try to create texts resembling the most popular ones. People will love them too and the readers will keep coming.

Having a hard time finding an appealing subject? Don’t worry, there are a lot of essay writing services that can help you out!


As the name suggests it, the hook is the one grabbing the people’s attention and making them read the post. It consists in the first paragraphs of the text.

Now let’s be honest, will you continue reading an article that doesn’t transmit anything in the first paragraph? Of course not! This is why you have to write some serious and engaging facts in the hook.

How to write an efficient hook

Start by stating the main subject and the main problem regarding it. It is simple – just take a look at the beginning of this very article! Then, continue by mentioning what the text will contain and what solutions you will come up with. Just enumerate them without further details.

Don’t worry if you don’t succeed from the first attempt. Ask the help of some essay services and see how they did it. Then try again and again until you make it!


Now is time to create an outline for the entire article. Good writing needs to be organized and planned; otherwise the final paper is unpredictable in a bad way.

What an outline should contain

Every efficient outline must contain these four parts:

1. The problem – stated clearly and convincing;
2. The cause – what is determining the previous problem;
3. The solution – given by you;
4. Ways for the reader to implement your solution – how can he benefit from your findings.

Every section must have a sub-headline announcing its subject. Again, this one has to be catchy and relevant. Most readers skim the article before reading it completely, so great sub-headlines will convince them to remain on your webpage.

For each section, note some short ideas about the content.
Don’t hesitate to ask for essay help, if you have problems creating the outline. Writing companies will assist you in drawing amazing outlines!


Believe it or not, this is the easiest part now! You already have the headline, the sections with the sub-headlines and the outline. This means that you know exactly what to write about and where to place it!

The only thing left is to go section by section and fill in the blanks. Develop the ideas, add relevant facts and examples, and bring strong arguments. Always make sure to respect the subject of the main headline and of the sub-heads. The readers must find the content as attractive and efficient as the titles.


Any writer who respects himself and his readers proofreads the texts before publishing it. Eliminate any mistake (grammar, punctuation, language), improve the text flow and clear up some phrases.

And… you are done! Great work!

Here is a little secret: by using this recipe, you can write several articles in the same time! Create the headlines, hooks and outline for each post, then add the content one step of a time. Before you know it, the articles will be all completed!

If you are a novice in this industry and need some professional help, read several reviews and get the best essay writing services recommendations! Pick the one most suitable for you and place an order!

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