Do Long Distance Love Affairs Work?

All love affairs have their ups and downs. However, long distance relationships are depicted as the most challenging connections to maintain. These affairs are associated to several obstacles: anxiety, jealousy, anger, longing, and lack of attention. Nevertheless, the prejudices didn’t stop 3.75 million Americans to maintain marriages on long distance in 2014.

According to the latest statistics, the total percentage of engaged couples that have maintained long distance affairs is 75%. When the partners believe that their relationship is doomed when distance separates them, the chances for a successful outcome are minimal.

Nevertheless, the setbacks don’t stop millions of couples to stand the test of time and make their relationships work. Today, long distance love affairs are facilitated with the Internet connection, the ability to travel fast, and the fact that people are able to preserve their independence while being in a relationship.

Communication is important in every love affair, regardless of the physical distance between the partners. With the ability to maintain daily contact via email messages, various smartphone apps and social platforms, people in long distant relationships can compensate for the long distance. One of the hardest things for these partners is to deal with the lack of attention.

However, the digital world enables them to create an ever deeper connection that’s not based on physical love. Some partners realize what they mean to each other when they are apart. Before the Internet gave depth to daily communication, the partners in long distance relationships spent days without communicating. Such lack of affection could easily cause shattered trust and constant worries.

Today, partners are able to be together even when they are located in different cities, countries or continents. The emotional bond can be preserved or even strengthened when couples invest a lot of time and energy to work on the relationship.

Smartphone apps, social platforms and video conferences enable people in long distant relationships to see their partners on daily basis, but such communication cannot replace physical presence. However, with the exploding growth of the travel and tourism sector, the expenses for traveling have decreased and people are able to fly to any place on Earth much more effectively.

This opportunity enables the partners to add an element of surprise to their relationships and elevate the excitement of each encounter. The feelings of frustration and resentment can grow as the partners spend more time apart, but such problems in the relationship can be healed with frequent reunions. The preparations for these special moments help people stay positive and have foreseeable goals about the development of their relationship.

Although people in long distance relationships invest most of their time and energy to preserve the connection, that doesn’t mean that they ignore their independence. They have an opportunity to grow as individuals and learn how to love themselves while being away from the partner. Their lives do not evolve around the person they love; they find new joy that enables them to improve themselves for the better (Bell, 2006).

When they start spending time away from their partners, people in long distance relationships find different ways to improve their emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. They can use that time to learn new skills, devote themselves to their education, and strengthen their individuality while working on the relationship at the same time. Today’s social values enable people to stay independent while preserving an emotional bond with a partner. Partners can find more ways to communicate and understand each other’s needs and desires.

When compared to the times when partners had difficulties to maintain frequent communication, today’s conditions create a solid basis for long distance relationships to work. The partners can develop an even stronger emotional bond when they share their emotions, experiences, and ideas through digital tools.

However, long distance love affairs don’t have to be fully restricted from physical contact. Thanks to the opportunity to make frequent, convenient and affordable trips, people are able to visit their partners and preserve the excitement in their relations. The time away from their partners enables people to focus on other interests and work on self-development.

When two strong individuals improve their emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing, they develop greater respect for each other. The opportunities to communicate, travel, and work on self-improvement result with successful long distance love affairs that can have great chances to result with marriage.

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