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The best essay writing service companies out there offer really helpful services to students. All you have to do is place your order, and you will receive the essay by the deadline. The most reputable companies also offer great incentives and discounts to both first time users and regular clients. Only the most trustworthy companies can afford to offer really great deals, so check out some of the most popular discounts generally available:

First Time Client Discounts

In order to attract new clients, essay services companies attract them by offering sign-up bonuses or discounts. Some companies offer 15% off your first order, while others might offer even up to 30% or more discount per overall order.

How is this discount actually offered? Well, you will find on the website of the company a discount code and you need to insert this at checkout. Based on this code, the discount will apply automatically to the overall order.
Percentage Discount vs. Fixed Price Discount

Which is best? Well, read on to find out…

If you see an offer of 15% or 20%, this means the company offers a percentage discount. For instance if the overall cost of the order is $100 and the discount is 20%, it means you will pay only $80 for the order.

However, many essay services reviews talk about companies which offer fixed priced reductions. The truth is people are attracted to these types of reductions, but in fact they are not so attractive. When your overall order is $100 and the fixed price discount is $15, you will pay $85, but the fixed price discounts work best for small cost orders.

For example, for an overall order of $30, with a discount of $15 you will pay only $15. On the other hand, for a low overall cost and a percentage discount of 20% in this case does not work so advantageously ($30 overall order with a 20% discount, the actual discount is only $6).

Loyal Client Discounts

These discounts are offered to returning customers. The more frequently you use the services of the company, the greater the discounts you can enjoy. These types of membership discounts are between 5% and up to 15%.

The loyal client discounts have as aim to keep you active and using the services of the respective essay service usa every time you need it. If you are satisfied with the work provided and with the prices in general, then the best thing to do is to enjoy these loyal customer discounts.

Special Discounts

In order to maintain their clientele, writing companies offer special or themed discounts from time to time. For example, you might see there Halloween special 15% off all your offers, or Christmas Best Deals 2 for 1 essays and so on. The main problem is that if you need an essay you cannot know for sure if the company will launch such a special discount or not. So you cannot wait and see, but these discounts are very random.

When you spot such themed deals, even the best essay service reviews articles talk about the fact that people should take advantage of the services if they foresee needing to write an essay or a critical paper.

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