25 essential apps that ease the students’ lives

If ten years ago, students couldn’t live without books, today they cannot survive without gadgets and internet. Smart phones have become a sort of extension of young people’s hands. These devices support all kind of applications – from games, e-mail and chatting programs to learning and writing software. T

here are even applications telling you when to drink more water or how to better organize your life. Among the billions of programs, we have chosen the most efficient 25 for a student. Regardless of your needs – entertainment, business, studying, organizing, essay writing, storing – you will for sure find some amazing tools in here!

1. Any.do

This application is perfect for the chaotic lives of students. If you don’t want to miss a deadline or a course, just download Any.do and start noting things down. Any.do is great because you can install it on any device – smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC! In this way, your tasks will be everywhere and you will have no excuse for not completing them!

With Any.do, students are able to enter tasks using the keyboard or their voices. They can mark high priority tasks and completed tasks. Also, if you shake the phone, the application will erase all the completed tasks.

2. Mailbox

Today, the modern way of staying in touch is via e-mails. Students create e-mail groups and professors use them to communicate and to send studying materials. As a consequence, it is essential not to miss any important piece of news! That is why you need an efficient application to manage all the e-mails.

Download Mailbox and keep the inbox organized. This software helps you archive messages, set reminders and operate with multiple e-mails in the same time. No matter how many e-mails you will be receiving from now on, Mailbox will keep you informed!

3. Dropbox

Nothing is worse than losing you half done assignment or your courses. Even if they are amazing, electronic devices can stop functioning at any moment, without a serious reason. So the best place for storing all your data (photos, documents, videos, projects) is in the cloud.

Dropbox is an application that will keep your information safe for ever. It is compatible with all devices and it only requires an internet connection. Students can also use it to share documents with their colleagues.

4. Feed.ly

Even if they have tons of things to do – assignments, exams, jobs, courses and more – students also like to know what is going on in the world. Browsing the internet everyday for some interesting piece of news is time consuming, so students need a smart application that will gather all the facts in just one feed.

And the perfect software for this is Feed.ly. You just have to choose what kind of news you want to get and done. When something interesting happens, Feed.ly will send you a notification.

5. Scribd

When you don’t have the time to go to the library, just look for Scribd. Here, people all around the world are uploading texts, books, essays, novels, and so on. You can sort them by topic and users. Have something to share too? Just create an account and upload all the documents you want. Beware, though, books that are under copy right are not accepted on the website.

6. CliffsNotes

Do you study literature and need some essay help? Then CliffsNotes is the right place for you. This website provides its users with all the data needed – characters map, info about the author, info about the texts, lecture guides, summaries, book context, characters list and features, chapter summaries, quizzes and more!

The best aspects of the website are the audio overviews! You can listen to them while you are at work or on the road. Thus, you will benefit from an ongoing exam preparation.

If the papers you need are not on this website, then use an essay service learning company. The staff will deliver you any kind of essays desired.

7. Mathway

What can be more difficult than literature? Math, of course! This is why Mathway is here to help us. This phone application is able to guide you to a step-by-step solution for any kind of math problem – algebra, geometry, etc. Students just have to introduce the task into the application and follow the indications. You can also solve the problem by yourself and then check to see if you were right.

8. iTunes U

For those who use Apple devices, iTunes U is the number one application that will allow them to access different educational courses. Students can attend classes for free and learn new things from the most famous universities – Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, etc.

Download iTunes U and benefit from Ivy-league education!

9. EasyBib

Most students find the bibliography as the most difficult part of the essay. This is because they cannot remember all the citation rules for different formatting styles. But now, with EasyBib everything goes smoothly – you enter the book’s title and done! The citation appears on the screen, you copy it on the paper and you go on with your life.

10. Studious

How many times did you miss a course because you forgot about it? Or how often did you get a low grade because you forgot the deadline? Studious exists for students who have problems remembering their tasks. This application will send you notifications all the time, helping you stay on track. Of course, first of all, students have to enter the necessary information about their schedule.

11. Dictionary.com

Whenever you come across an unknown word, look it up in Dictionary.com. This website is very helpful due to its various explanations, contexts, expressions, pronunciation and word origin. Dictionary.com offers you all the possible uses of a word, so come here anytime you are in doubt.

12. The Oxford Dictionary

You can install this application on the mobile phone and use it anytime you need help understating an English word. The Oxford Dictionary offers both British and American versions of words, and includes also the audio pronunciation. The application is dedicated to foreign students, as well as to native speakers.

13. SelfControl

It is well known that students can be easily distracted while studying, especially if they don’t like that certain subject. Those who lack the capacity of self restraining from non-educational activities, will be amazed to discover SelfControl.

This application is able to block websites which are diverting students’ attention – for example, Facebook. You can set it for an amount of time and then study in peace. When you are finished, the app lets you go back to any website!

14. TED

Attend amazing conferences directly from your phone. On TED, students can find up-to-date speeches on any subject – education, business, economy, IT, music, and so on. With just a video per day you can become an open minded student, who is in touch with the latest problems of the world.

15. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Math students have another best friend – RealCalc Scientific Calculator. Use it at home for assignments or in class for difficult exercises and equations. This application will help you become a top student who has always a solution to tough problems!

16. JumpCut

While writing an essay, students use the copy and paste buttons really often. What if you need to paste something that you have copied before the new copy? Well, traditionally this is not possible, but JumpCut can make it happen.

It gives you access to all the texts copied before – students just need to choose which one they need now.
Save time by using JumpCut and stop typing in the same things over and over again.

17. Chegg

Most students’ money goes on textbooks. Wouldn’t you like to spend more on personal items and less on books? If yes, Chegg is the solution. Download this app and search for the textbooks you need. Found what you were looking for? Then place an order and rent them. When you no longer need a textbook, put it back on Chegg for rental.

18. Google Drive

Nowadays students don’t use paper anymore. Instead, they have a lot of Google Docs. And because it is obvious that you need to access them from everywhere, Google Drive is the right application for you. Install it on your phone and synchronize it with your Google account. In this way, the documents can be accessed from phone, PC, laptop and any other device.

19. Viber

Viber keeps you in touch with friends and family. It is perfect for students because it only requires an internet connection. Otherwise, everything is free – calls, chats, video, photo sharing, etc. And guess what – it works both from the mobile phone and the PC. You can switch between devices at any time!

20. Duolingo

This app is a must have for students who learn foreign languages. Duolingo helps you study based on different categories – food, greetings, transportation, body parts, nature, fruits, clothes, etc. Students can also download tests and quizzes to prepare for their exams. The application works both with Android and Apple systems.

21. Snap2PDF

Do you need to convert a text into a PDF file? There’s nothing simpler! Install Snap2PDF, take a picture of that text and with a single click, convert it into a PDF file. Then, use it as you need – print, share, save, store, etc.

22. Clear

How many times did you lose the do-to lists? Now it is time to put them all together and to access them from anywhere! Download Clear and synchronize the lists with your every device. From today on, students just need an internet connection because their to-do lists are on their all accounts.

23. Venmo

Venmo will help you pay and get paid without leaving the house. This app connects your device with your bank account and allows you to make any kind of financial transactions. So it is another amazing time saving application!

24. Lemon Wallet

Stop carrying your wallet around, because you may lose it! Instead, use Lemon Wallet. This app allows you to save copies of your credit cards and personal identification. With its help, students can connect their payment data directly with a merchant for paying off the things bought.

25. Mint.com

Students need to learn to spend wisely and to save as much money as possible. Mint.com is an app that controls your budget and informs you about the expenses. This program helps you eliminate the unnecessary costs, and save money for an essay service that you may need someday.

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